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Radio travel journalist Henry Barchet broadcasts features from around the world. Listen to exciting stories, original sounds, voices and music from exotic destinations.

AT mit Henry Barchet: Carnival in Trinidad - Bikinis, Steel Drums, Calypso

March 1st, 2017

Trinidad’s Carnival is one of the most colourful but also one of the most traditional celebrations in the Caribbean. During the Carnival season which starts on Februrary 24th in 2017 there are parties in the streets, local Calypso musicians play their steel drums, and the women wear slinky bikini-type costumes. Audiotraveller Henry Barchet talks about the celebrations with Shelley-Ann de Gazon and Cherie-Ann Pascall from Trinidad, while comedian and musicologist Chako Habekost, who used to live in Trinidad and even had a carnival hit in the Trinidad charts, explains the background of the Carnival tradition.


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