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Radio travel journalist Henry Barchet broadcasts features from around the world. Listen to exciting stories, original sounds, voices and music from exotic destinations.

Audiotravels mit Henry Barchet: Oscar-Weekend in Los Angeles

April 24th, 2021


Wenn in Los Angeles die Oscars verliehen werden ist es besonders reizvoll die Stadt zu besuchen. Darüber hat sich Audiotraveller Henry Barchet mit Steve Eberhard, dem langjährigen Bankettchef des Biltmore Hotels, dem Modedesigner Kevan Hall und der L.A.-Insiderin Carol Martinez unterhalten.

Audiotravels w/ Henry Barchet: Staci Griesbach – From Wisconsin to L.A., from Country Music to Jazz

April 1st, 2021


Audiotraveller Henry Barchet meets singer Staci Griesbach, who was brought up on a farm in Wisconsin and now lives in Los Angeles. She transforms country music into jazz and talks about how Patsy Cline and Shania Twain inspired her to cross genres.

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