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Radio travel journalist Henry Barchet broadcasts features from around the world. Listen to exciting stories, original sounds, voices and music from exotic destinations.

Audiotravels w/ Henry Barchet: Emme Lentino - Music from New Zealand to New York

October 22nd, 2021


In this episode Audiotraveller Henry Barchet meets singer/songwriter Emme Lentino, who was born in the US and now lives in New Zealand. She talks about her song “Oceanside”, tells the story of her song “Beauty in the night” recorded in New York and she reveals which songs she recorded for the New Zealand Christmas season. 

Cover Art: Screenshot from the Emme Lentino –Video ‘Oceanside’, Audiotravels

Audiotravels mit Henry Barchet: Happy Birthday - Walt Disney World wird 50 Jahre alt

October 2nd, 2021


Obwohl die offizielle Eröffnungszeremonie erst am 25. Oktober 1971 war, konnten die Besucher Walt Disney World in Florida bereits ab 1. Oktober besuchen . Audiotraveller Henry Barchet hat in Orlando  Zeitzeugen von der Eröffnung und Besucher von heute getroffen und mit ihnen über den "Happiest Place on Earth" gesprochen.

Walt Disney World opened in Florida on October 1st , 1971, although the official opening ceremony took place on October 25th , 1971 . In Orlando Audiotraveller Henry Barchet met contemporary witnesses and also talks to today's visitors about the "Happiest Place on Earth".

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